Alaric Moore

Professor Alaric Moore

Alaric Moore is a life-long student of martial arts.
Having watched violent movies and martial arts films from a young age, he began training in Karate, later he trained Ninjutsu and then finally began Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in 2005.

Alaric has an excellent all round martial arts arsenal having spent having spent recent years developing both his striking and wrestling skills.
He's competed in various Martial art tournaments as well as fighting in MMA competitions. He currently holds an undefeated semi-pro MMA record of 3-0.

Alaric Moore holds a Black belt under Raphael dos Santos, which was awarded to him in December 2015.

Alaric currently teaches the Gi class on Tuesdays, specialising in the foundation techniques of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.
In addition to teaching the Tuesday class, Alaric is also a regular attendee to our other sessions, including Monday's open sparring session.


<h4>Competition Results</h4>

2018 - Devon Open - Middleweight Masters - Gi, Gold, Black Belt
2018 - Devon Open - Middleweight Masters - NoGi, Gold, Black Belt
2018 - Devon Open - Absolute - NoGi, Gold, Black Belt
2013 – Nogi British Open, Gold Lightweight, Purple Belt
2013 - Plymouth Open, Gold, Lightweight, Purple Belt
2013 – 9th Spartan Grapple Challenge, Bronze, -73kg
2012 – UMA British Open, Bronze, -75kg, +5 Years
2012 – Nogi Welsh Open, Bronze, Absolute, Purple Belt
2012 – Nogi Welsh Open, Bronze, Lightweight, Purple Belt
2011 – Gracie Barra Bristol In-House Tournament, Gold, Absolute, Purple Belt
2011 – 6th Spratan Grapple Challenge, Silver, -73kg
2011 – 5th Spartan Grapple Challenge, Bronze, -73kg
2011 – South West Fighting Championships 2 – Semi-pro mma Winner -70kg
2010 – Nogi Welsh Open, Silver, Blue Belt, -72kg
2009 – Strength &amp; Honour 5 – Semi-pro mma Winner -70kg
2009 – Strength &amp; Honour 4 – Semi-pro mma Winner -70kg