James Hodges

Professor James Hodges: Exeter BJJ's Head Coach,

Prof. James Hodges is the head coach here at Exeter Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and is also the highest ranked Brazilian Jiu Jitsu blackbelt in the Exeter area, having been a Black Belt since 2013.

James was born in 1981, and discovered his love of martial arts during his teens. He initially started his martial arts journey by studying Traditional Boxing and Thai Boxing (Muay Thai).
He later found Combat & Submission Wrestling whilst in his early twenties which ultimately led him to start training Brazillian Jiu Jitsu, in May of 2005.

Alan Edmonson, the original founder of Exeter BJJ, left to move abroad in 2008, and in doing so, handed the running Exeter BJJ to James.
Since doing so, James' passion and dedication for both Jiu Jitsu, and the Club itself, has shone through taking the club from strength to strength over the years, as well as seeing it through a range of trials and challenges that it has faced.

During 2010 James was able to take the time to travel to Rio De Janeiro in Brazil, whilst there he was able to train daily at the Roberto 'Gordo' Correa (the former Head Instructor at Gracie Barra) Academy.

James Hodges was awarded his Black Belt by Prof. Raphael dos Santos, in December 2013, and more recently, in 2019 was award the rank of 2nd degree Black Belt.

He's competed in competitions of various levels, but now, whilst still competing occasionally, spends the majority of his time dedicated to training, instructing and coaching his students at Exeter BJJ.

James runs the club with a 'politics-free' ethos ultimately to create an open, friendly club, where anyone with a desire to embark on their BJJ Journey, is made to feel welcome and at home within the club.

James currently oversees the Monday Night Open Mat Sessions, Teaches the Wednesday NoGi Class (Often with assistance from NoGi specialist assistance coach Chris 'Cabelo' Jones), the Thursday Gi sessions, as well as running the Friday Night Sparring Rounds.

James is also available for private tuition by arrangement.
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Competition Results:

2012 – Bournemouth Open, Bronze, Absolute, Brown Belt
2011 – Fila Grappling British Championship, Silver, – 90kg
2010 – North West Open, Silver, Middle Heavy, Purple Belt
2010 – No Gi British Open, Bronze, Middle Heavy, Purple Belt
2010 – Bournemouth Open, Silver, Middle Heavy, Purple Belt
2009 – Brighton Open, Bronze, Middle Heavy, Purple Belt
2007 – Hereford No Gi Open, Silver, – 88kg
2007 – Combat Sports Nationals, Runner Up, Ranked No 1, Middle Weight
2007 – Hereford No Gi Open, Bronze, – 88kg


James Hodges - Exeter BJJ