Newquay Open 2017 – Feb – Exeter BJJ Team

Exeter BJJ Newquay Open 2017 Squad Roster


After a recruitment drive by Elliot Tannoh Exeter BJJ is racking up an impressive roster of those confirmed or pledged to compete representing Exeter BJJ at the Newquay Open in Feb 2017.


If you've confirmed, want to update your information, or want to join the ranks, please let Adam Frost or Elliot Tannoh know, or email and we'll get this updated.

Current Roster - 24/11/16 - 1845

Competitor Belt Colour Weight / Fight Category Gi/NoGi Confirmed
Elliot Tannoh Blue 74KG Light Middle Both Yes
Shaun Saunders White Pledged
Adam Frost Blue 118KG Ultra Heavy Both Yes
Jack Morris Blue 103KG Ultra Heavy Both Pledged
Tom Page White Pledged
LLoyd Richardson White Pledged
Tony Martin White Pledged
Rob Soanes Blue Ultra Heavy Pledged
Aaron Daniels Blue Pledged
Dean Aplin Purple Pledged
Alistar Baxter White Pledged
Kirk Lee White Ultra Heavy Pledged
Luke Turnock White Pledged
Aly Kan White Pledged
Mark Stemp White Pledged
Simon Wicks Purple Pledged
Alec Gayson Blue Pledged
Martin Saunders Purple Pledged
Ian Pointing Purple Pledged
Adz Lison Blue Pledged

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